Boweld Truck Bodies
Boweld Truck Bodies


Boweld have a long history of innovation in the design and manufacture of truck bodies and options.

Each Boweld body benefits from a unique weight saving monocoque under floor sub structure that is designed to deliver strength and durability without excessive weight, consequently Boweld bodies consistently provide the highest payloads in their class while offering the highest levels of durability.

All Boweld bodies are carefully designed to give durability, wear resistance and high payloads. The new Taperlite range combines these benefits in an innovative design that delivers improved load discharge and consequently has been granted European Design Registration.

Boweld aslo have a number of exclusive patents and have been particularly innovative in areas designed to make life easier for the truck operator:

  • The new Vertilock Tailgate Locking System, a cab operated multi-point tailgate locking system for truck operators that prefer a tailgate lock that operates across the lower edge of the tailgate.
  • Airclaw a unique, cab operated, air assisted tailgate opening system that is both easy to use and reduces discharge/load times.
  • Flexigate a unique easy to use tailgate that offers the benefits of a tipper combined with the advantages of a drop tailgate to permit transport of plant and equipment.
  • Procover a tipper sheeting system that is both easy to use and man enough for the job. 
  • ProGuard, a patented galvanized cab shield with an integral vision panel to allow the driver to see the load and incorporates a protected sheet tray for the ProCover sheeting system.

The Boweld Crane Tipper is a further example of Boweld Innovation. Designed to be completely universal and pre-holed to provide customers with a choice of tipping gears, the subframe provides a high strength yet weight saving solution to crane fitment. The subframe significantly simplifies crane installation, reduces cost and maximises tipper payload. Coupled with a GrabMaster body and a Flexigate, the Boweld Crane Tipper is the most versatile tipper available on the market today.

When it comes to innovation in tipper design Boweld lead the field.